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Have you ever joined a Network Marketing opportunity, and then you were told to make a list of your "warm market". That is a favorite sales technique, especially used in life insurance sales. But life insurance sales is a constant recruiting game, always recruiting new sales agents. Why is that? Because of constant turnover of agents. Because when the new sales agent runs out of relatives and friends, he quits. Then the company has new customers. And the agent has to get a "real job".

In Network Marketing, the results are similar. Except in Network Marketing, the distributor joins another company. And he offers another opportunity to his "warm market". When that fails, he joins another company, and again approaches his warm market (so-called). Now let's assume you sponsor this person. If you send him to his warm market, they will laugh at him and try to tell him what he really needs is a "real job". They will try to convince him that there's NO WAY he can become successful in this "scheme".

Is that how you want your new distributor to get started?

Is that how you build enthusiasm?

What is wrong with this scenario. It is played out over and over, each time a new distributor is enrolled.

1. Make a list of your warm market.

2. Then go get 'em.

Here's the real problem with this: If that new distributor has been in Network Marketing, he doesn't HAVE a warm market. They are the last people he should go to. They can steal a person's dream.

Don't send your new distributor to the wolves!

That's the worst advice you can give!

Copyright 2005, Paul Pierce

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