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When someone is evaluating your opportunity, they have two questions in their mind. They won't ask these questions, but it's what they are thinking. And if you don't give solid answers to these two questions, you lose.

Here are the two questions:

bullet Can I trust you?
bullet Can I do this?

If the person feels you are trying to take advantage of him - - - you lose. If you come on like a huckster, you lose. If you engage in arm twisting, a wall of resistance goes up, and you lose. He doesn't trust you. If he feels you are a "recruiter" instead of a "sponsor", you lose.

This is why the skills of a successful Networker are "trust-building" skills. People join you because of YOU, because they trust you. Not because they have been convinced. Network Marketing is RELATIONSHIP building. Success depends upon learning how to build trust. Learn how to build trust.

That's why we teach Trust Building Skills, instead of sales skills.

That's why we teach a Sponsoring System for people who don't like to sell.

When you are in the sponsoring "mode", your prospect is wondering, "Can I do what he is doing?". He is not only evaluating you, but he is also evaluating what you are doing, wondering if he can do that. If he thinks he can do it, you will probably sponsor him. But when an over-enthusiastic distributor becomes "pushy" and starts arm twisting, the prospect decides: "I can't do that. I can’t do this business.".

Then how will you sponsor the prospect?


1. Your prospects are constantly evaluating you.            

2. Your prospects are constantly evaluating what you do.

These two unspoken questions are the keys to sponsoring people. Be prepared by dealing with these two unspoken questions.

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