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A recent study of Network Marketing distributors revealed a very significant discovery. Networkers were asked why they joined their Network Marketing program.

The answer most people gave was surprising - VERY surprising!

bullet It was not because of the company.
bullet It was not because of the pay plan.
bullet It was not because of the products.

What was the reason they joined?

It was because of the SPONSOR!

They just trusted their sponsor, so they joined him.

    This brings up some rather curious questions:

Why are most Networkers being taught sales techniques?

Why are they taught to have a convincing sales pitch?

Why are they taught to overcome objections?

Why are they taught how to "close" on people?

    If 95% of Networkers are non-sales type people, they

    already have an advantage over the sales type people.

    It makes no sense to convert them away from that


Network Marketing is not sales. Why is that? It's because people don't join because they are CONVINCED!

They join because they TRUST you. Here's the key:

   Network Marketing is RELATIONSHIP BUILDING, not sales!

We need to develop "trust building" skills, not sales skills.

Trust building is the opposite of sales. It's building a

relationship. Sponsoring people is not making a "sale". They join

because of YOU!

Most Networkers have a Target Market they approach with their opportunity. That Target is other Networkers. Networkers won't ask if your opportunity is a pyramid. They are already beyond that. They already understand basic things like pay plans and downlines. They already have a "dream". So this is a really attractive market to Target. But let's look closer at this market.

    About five percent of them are sales types.

    About 95% are non-sales type people.

QUESTION:  What do you have to offer the majority of the people you are targeting?

That is, the 95% of them who are non-sales type people - - who never will be sales-type people. Are you offering a SALES system to NON-SALES people?

It's not going to work!!!!

They need a Sponsoring System for non-sales people. A System that will help you to attract them. They need to learn how to build trust.

Center your Sponsoring System around trust-building. That's why we teach "trust-building" skills.

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